A Foundation cycling skills programme which focuses on delivery to youth aged 7 to 11 years old

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About SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket
SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket is the name given to Cycling Ireland’s foundation Cycling Skills Programme which focuses on delivery to youths aged 7 to 11years old, but can actually be delivered to anyone of any age, new to the sport.

The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket programme was originally developed by BMX Australia and has been modified by Cycling Ireland for delivery in Ireland. The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Programme presents young riders with the opportunity to learn fundamental cycling skills that cater for their size, physical development and interest. Most importantly the programme aims to recruit new riders to our sport, raise the profile of cycling and provide a progressive skill programme which will develop stronger and better riders in the future.

The programme is aimed at:
• Providing a strong cycling skill foundation for newly recruited riders aged between 7 and 11 years old, however can be delivered to new recruits of any age.
• Skill development, including general cycling skills which will lay the foundation for more advanced learning of specific cycling skills (Track, Road, Mountain Biking and BMX) in the future.
• Fostering enjoyment and “want” of participation.
• Teaching riders fair-play and rules at their level, rather than promoting a win at all cost attitude.
• Reducing the pressure of being thrown into competition without the necessary foundation skills.
• Reduce burnout of youth and junior riders by over competing them at a young age.
• Provide direction to clubs and coaches on how to increase club participation through a standardised youth focused programme.

SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Phiosophy
The introduction of new youth riders to our sport should be gradual and it is best achieved through athlete driven skill development programmes and quality coaching delivered within the provinces by cycling clubs. SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket allows young cyclists to participate in an environment where the emphasis is on the pleasure of participating and the joy of learning new skills.

The adult rules and structures of cycling are inappropriate for young riders. The Subway Sprocket Rocket programme takes into account the age, physical development and maturity of young riders. SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket has been developed to align the sport of cycling with the physical and psychological capabilities of young riders aged 7- 11 years old. However, these skills would be beneficial to anyone new to the sport regardless of their age.

Why introduce SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket?
To take the emphasis off competition and ensure that young riders skills are developed at a young age, making it easier for them to progress once they start competitive cycling. Many young riders don’t stay in the sport long and this is mainly due to them being burnt out at a young age. SUBWAYY Sprocket Rocket does not totally do away with competition, it merely changes the focus of competition according to historical and adult values.

SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket puts the emphasis back on the fun element of cycling which keeps young riders interested in the sport and in turn helps them develop skills acquisition faster. The programme allows all young riders the opportunity to develop skills at their own pace.

Riders with greater skills crash less, have less injuries, enjoy the sport more and become better riders. Sprocket Rocket breaks down skills into small components which makes it easier for young riders to learn the whole skill. This part component skill learning provides a progressive approach to skill development.

SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket programme is aimed at developing basic skills required to ride a bike. The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Programme requires riders to complete skill tests at three levels of difficulty for each basic skill; Pedalling, Balance, Cornering and Braking.