A Foundation cycling skills programme which focuses on delivery to youth aged 7 to 11 years old

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Welcome to subway sprocket rocket!

How does the SUBWAY Sprocket Rocket Skills Award Programme Work?
The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Skill Award Programme requires riders to complete skill tests at three levels of difficulty for each basic skill of Pedalling, Balance, Cornering and Braking. The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Skill Award Programme is a 12 week programme with sessions lasting for 1 hour per week. All information to run the skill sessions are outlined in the programme guidelines book. Every second week riders will be tested on the skills they have learned in the prior week.

Where do you deliver the programme?
SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket is best delivered on a flat grassy area but can be delivered on tennis courts or a similar location.

Certificates and Stickers
Riders will be awarded achievement stickers for levels 1-3 for each skill (pedalling, cornering, braking and balance) when they complete level 3 for each skill they will receive a SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Award Certificates.

What resources are supplied?
The resources required for the skills awards are:
• Skills Award Logbook (each rider will have their own)
• Skill Award Guidelines
• Skill Award Certificates
• Skill Award Logbook Stickers

Each rider will receive a SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Kit Bag
The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Kit bag contains:
• A Welcome Letter
• Logbook
• Helmet
• T-shirt

What equipment is supplied
• Dome Markers or cones
• Stopwatch
• Whistle
• 15cm wide x 3 meter long plank of wood

All riders enrolling in the SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Programme MUST be able to already ride a bike. Riders are responsible for bringing their own bikes to each session. These bikes can be any kind as long as they have 2 wheels e.g. no stabiliser wheels. At the beginning of each session riders and coaches should complete a quick 5 minute bike safety check on each bike.

For every 6 riders, another helper or coach must be in attendance during the session. Parents can be utilised where necessary.